Hampton Station | ArtUp Studios
1320 Hampton Avenue
Greenville, SC 29601

(708) 326-7169

Artist Statement:

Lou Koppel is a self-taught metal and mixed-media sculptor living in the Upstate region of South Carolina. His modern, evocative art is inspired by early twentieth century masterworks created by the Constructivist and Bauhaus artists and by his extensive travel in Europe. He uses modern materials such as anodized aluminum, Plexiglas, and carbon fiber, and employs unique forming and joining techniques of his own development. His ready-made and custom-ordered pieces provide visual focal points for home, office and outdoor-living environments. For the last eight years since he moved to the Upstate from northern California, he has exhibited and sold his sculpture principally in Anderson and Greenville counties, has founded the Art Gallery on Pendleton Square, and has taught popular art history classes at Clemson’s Lifelong Learning Institute.

Regular Hours:

Tuesday & Thursday | 10am – 1pm

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